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Pricing and Submission

  • My current pricing is .02 per square inch for most designs and .03 for dense designs. If you want a pantograph sized small for more Denise quilting, please indicate on the form as this may increase the cost. Batting is not included in the per inch price.

  • I offer only Edge to Edge digital quilting at this time.  One pattern throughout the quilt with one color of thread

  • Minimum charge: $50 per quilt.  If the quilt is small so that the quilting cost would not be equivalent to $50 or more, the minimum price of $50 will be applied.

  • Rush requests:  Quilts are completed in the order received.  If you have a rush request with a turnaround time less than 2 weeks from my receipt of the quilt, there will be an additional charge of $50 or additional .01 per square inch, whichever is greater.  Please contact me to discuss my ability to accommodate your rush request before sending your quilt.  Pantograph and thread choice must be decided at time of submission or no later than my receipt of the quilt so that I can get started on your rush quilt as soon as possible.

  • Pantographs:  I have many beautiful pantographs available and add new ones frequently.  If I don't have a pantograph that you would like for your quilt, I will split the cost of purchase with you.  For example, if I purchase a pantograph for your quilt and the pantograph costs $15, I will add $7.50 to your invoice.

  • Quilt backing must be at least 4" larger on all sides than the quilt top in order for me to properly load the quilt.    (Eg., for a quilt top 60x70, your backing must be at least 68x78)

  • I cannot accept quilts with 3-dimensional items like buttons or snaps.

  • If you provide your own batting, the batting should be at least 3" wider than your quilt top on all sides of the quilt.  4" is better for wiggle room!  Packaged batting or one piece cut from a roll will give you the best results but pieced batting can be used.  Please ensure that pieced batting lies flat and the edges are trimmed evenly. 

  • If your backing is pieced and you want a particular design feature centered, I will do my best but cannot guarantee precise placement.

  • At this time I can accept payment by Check, Cash, or Paypal.  I gratefully request payment within 48 hours of receipt of invoice.   Quilts will ship after payment.  

  • I reserve the right to reject a quilt if it is not in satisfactory condition for quilting. (e.g., excessive waviness, holes, rips or tears, etc.) 

Helpful Tips

  • Trim any loose threads on the back of the quilt if you're concerned that they might show through the quilt top.

  • It's a good idea to take a victory lap of stitches 1/8" from the outside edge of your finished quilt top so that your piecing doesn't start to come undone before it can be quilted.

  • I strongly recommend that you protect your quilt top and backing by placing it in a water-resistant bag and a sturdy box before mailing.  

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